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A Group of experts making creative innovations to healthcare management through the fusion of “Technology x Remote BPO”

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We, Human Life Management Inc., provide nationwide support to home medical clinics with the expertise acquired through the operational support for Yushoukai, one of Japan's largest medical corporations specializing in home medical  (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Jun Sasaki), and the development and sales of “homis”, electronic health record for home medical. Since home medical in the future will inevitably involve home-visiting nurses, we have also been working on remote BPO business for process operations and receipt operations, and the development and sales of “homis Nursee”, record system for home-visiting nursing.

In 2019, we became a member of SIPS group(, a corporate group for solving social issues with technologies. Since then, our new mission is to solve social issues in the “medical and healthcare field” associated with declining birthrates and aging populations around the world. Based on the accumulated knowledge and the continuous partnership with Yushoukai, we aim to become a leading company in the field of primary care with ICT solutions and remote BPO services, by deeply understanding the essential value that primary care can provide and broadening our horizons all across Japan and around the world.

homis (electronic health record for home care):
homis Nursee (record system for home-visiting nursing):


Business Name

Human Life Management Inc.

Head Office

7F Shimbashi Square Building, 5-14-10, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL:03-5733-6600 FAX:03-5733-6601


October 18th, 2002


JPY 100 million


Yoshiki Sasaki


89 (as of December 1st, 2022)

Major shareholder

Social Impact Solutions Co., Ltd. 100%

Board Members

Yoshiki Sasaki CEO
Masayuki Saito Director
Shingo Tsuchida Director
Shinichi Doyama Director
Koji Ishii Director
Hitoshi Yasukawa Auditor

Fiscal Year End

August 31st


the CEO

“secure life” and “satisfying life” 
to all people living in the 100-year life

The aging population in developed countries is increasing at an alarming rate. In particular, the average life expectancy of Japan has been growing since the end of WWⅡ. As new demands for extended lives are arising as we enter an era of the 100-year life spans, it is necessary to create a society which can meet these expectations.

In good health, people want to "live longer and healthier," "continue to be active in society," and "build a new lifestyle and enjoy a rich second life”. As they get older and their physical and mental vitality (motor functions, cognitive functions, etc.) declines, they want to "continue to live independently even if it is more inconvenient or troublesome”. At the end of life, there is the need to "continue living in one's familiar home or community until the end of life”. In all situations, there is the need to "enjoy life as they are”.

On the other hand, with the evolution of technologies, there are social and industrial innovations around the world. It is believed that this trend will be accelerated and change the way of business, people’s sense of value and lifestyles, as well as society and industry, and that new business opportunities will be created in various fields.

In this period of great change, we provide back-office operations, innovative technologies and management support, in order to establish the compatibility between quality and efficiency in home medical. In addition, we promote the realization of an organic link between home medical, home-visiting nursing and caregiving, collaboration with residence service providers, and creating solutions for the elders and their family to live their lives as they are.

Utilizing our advantages such as “technologies grown at the medical sites” and “communication with people”, we will always be considering and challenging to create “secure life” and “satisfying life” with all people living in the 100-year life.


Human Life Management Inc.
Yoshiki Sasaki

Yoshiki Sasaki

1973    BE mechanical engineering, Kyoto University
1976    ME systems engineering, Kyoto University
After 1974    Sales manager and engineer at Hitachi, Ltd.
               Industry Consultant at SRI International
1996    Executive board member at Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd (JAIC)
2002    Established Human Life Management Inc.


Our members include professionals who have worked in management and administration in home medical and home-visiting nursing, back-office operations such as medical assistant, and in various departments in private sectors such as business, creative, technology, call center, and administration. The members with such diverse backgrounds and expertise will come together to improve the efficiency of healthcare management, not through a stereotypical approach, but through a progressive, creative, and economical approach.

We would like to create an environment in which everyone involved in home medical and home-visiting nursing can concentrate on medical treatment and nursing care, and create time to deal with more patients in a more attentive manner. Our company, Human Life Management Inc. (HLM), and its wholly owned subsidiary, Okitell365, focus on the essential value that primary care can provide. With thoughts that envisions the future with a new perspective on society, we also utilize digital technology to meet the changing times, and expertise of BPO to accelerate our clients' growth, in order to accompany the operational transformation of healthcare management and contribute to the creation of sustainable community healthcare.


Established Phonic Hoop Ltd.(Currently known as Human Life Management Inc.)
Changed company name to "Human Life Management, Inc." and began providing support for home healthcare clinics
Established subsidiary "Home Medical Information System Inc." to develop systems for home medical care and related fields
Began providing "medical records for home medical care (homis)" to Yushoukai Medical Corporation
Moved the head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established a subsidiary, “Okinawa Home Medical Information System Inc.”, to operate a 24/7 call center
Began providing "night-shift doctor service" to local home medical care clinics
Began providing "electronic medical record for home medical care (homis) " to local home medical care clinics
Established "Gakken Cocofump Nursing Inc." to plan and operate home-visiting nursing business
Established "DoctorOncallService Inc." to provide "night-shift doctor service" mainly in Chiba City
Established a capital and business alliance with "Tsukui Corporation" in the fields of home medical care and caregiving
Merged with "Home Medical Care Information System Inc.”
Established a pure holding company "Social Impact Solutions Co., Ltd." through a share transfer solely by the Company
Opened the Okinawa office to strengthen the contact center and BPO business of Okitell365
A project "Home medical care as a Premium Service in India" was selected by Medical Excellence JAPAN as a project for the demonstration and research project to promote the establishment of medical bases
Acquired shares of PT. SIPS Edutech Indonesia, an Indonesian corporation, as a core company for education-related business in Southeast Asia
Began providing local home medical care clinics with the "record system for home-visiting nursing (homis Nursee)" equipped with the Omaha System


Okitell 365 Inc.

A 24/7 contact center specializing in home medical and home-visiting nursing that handles process operations and receipt operations of home medical clinics and home-visiting nursing stations

Yushoukai Medical Corporation

A medical corporation that operates 21 clinics in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Aichi and Okinawa prefectures, providing 24-hour home medical to approximately 7,500 patients


We look forward to hearing from you.

Email us at
Inquiries by phone 03-5733-6600 Hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00


Shimbashi Square Bldg. 7th Floor
5-14-10 Shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan

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