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記事掲載のお知らせ(「ロイター通信 WORLD NEWS」5月12日)


2020年5月12日、ロイター通信 WORLD NEWSに、医療法人社団悠翔会理事長・診療部長の佐々木淳の取材記事が掲載されました。




“The caregiver industry is barely hanging on as it is, and with even only one person off, then it just won’t be possible to care for everybody,” said Jun Sasaki, a doctor and the head of Yushokai Medical Corporation, a care provider company. “The elderly are very delicate, and any kind of change in their environment can affect them.”

In January, the number of care jobs per applicant was 3.95. The law mandates 1 carer to 3 residents - though the Health Ministry said in February that since shortfalls due to the virus could be expected, facilities could temporarily “respond flexibly.”

About 60 of Japan’s 624 coronavirus-related deaths as of May 10 were in care homes, public broadcaster NHK said.


About 6.7 million Japanese need care and roughly 1 million of them are in homes, according to government data. That compares with 1.2 million in the United States, which has more than twice the population. The United States is also younger, with only 16% over 65.

Many homes have suspended group games and exercises because of the outbreak, and most have banned family since early March. That can take both a mental and physical toll on residents.

One man wandered his care home, searching for his family, Sasaki said. Another woman became convinced her daughter had died and began preparing for her funeral, Yoshimu recalled.

Workers must self-quarantine for two weeks if they or family members have a fever, and wear masks while working, which can frighten some residents. Japan does little testing relative to other developed countries, and there is no plan to test all care workers, the Health Ministry said.

“If we get to June, July, August with this, staff numbers will keep going down and we won’t be able to deliver services,” Yasuhiro Yuki, a professor in social welfare studies at Shukutoku University. “There could be a whole breakdown of elder care.”



在宅緩和ケアのパイオニア・山崎章郎医師のケアタウン小平クリニック承継開業のお知らせ 株式会社ヒューマンライフ・マネジメントが運営サポートを行う医療法人社団悠翔会(本部:東京都港区、理事長:佐々木淳)は、首都圏で最大規模の在宅医療を提供しています。2022年6月1日、同法人は、東京都小平市のケアタウン小平クリニック(前院長・山崎章郎氏)を承継開業いたします。 山崎医師は、在宅緩和ケアのパイオニアです

『悠翔会アニュアルレポート2021』発行のお知らせ このたび医療法人社団悠翔会では、本年1年間の取り組みをまとめた『悠翔会アニュアルレポート2021』を作成いたしました。 悠翔会の診療体制・地域連携体制、診療実績・運営実績等を知っていただくとともに、今後もより良い診療を続けていくための指標とすることを目的としております。 是非ご覧いただけましたら幸甚です。 http://www.yushoukai

東京都が開設する医療機能強化型宿泊療養施設における医療提供開始のお知らせ(9月9日) 医療法人社団悠翔会は、東京都が開設する医療機能強化型宿泊療養施設における医療提供を担います。 東京とは、新型コロナの病床ひっ迫を改善するため、本日9月9日から、品川区の「船の科学館」敷地内に、医療機能を強化した宿泊療養施設を設置します。 この施設には新型コロナ患者を37人収容でき、血中酸素飽和度などが常時モニタリ

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